Meet the imposters


jordan axani

Jordan is a professional speaker focused on creating cultures of vulnerability at school and work. Among an eclectic background, he was the focus of what is now considered to be the world's most viral human interest story. During the viral bout he fell apart, realizing that everything he portrayed was fake. He was an imposter on the world stage. His breaking led to creating a collection of projects to drive humility in our digital age.


megan rafuse

Megan is a social worker and psychotherapist that works with clients to reconcile their ambitions with themselves. Originally from Nova Scotia but living in Toronto, Megan's practice is based on being real with her clients about her own challenges and struggles as a way to share a simple truth: none of us are alone. Combining undying wit and extensive know-how, Megan is a powerhouse at getting us to ask the hard questions of ourselves.



Previously of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Angelina has recently relocated to Toronto to further explore her love of the creative industry, therapy, and storytelling. A trained photographer and artist, she has joined the Impostercast team as producer, focusing on story development and production management. Fun fact: she proudly displays a stick and poke tattoo that reads "beautiful imposter."