06. I'll Be Better When... I Connect

What happens when we encourage each other to dig deeper and open up to each other about who we really are? We feel more loved, connected, inspired and confident. In this episode, we ask Paul Nadeau, professional speaker and retired police detective and hostage negotiator, to share a life and death story about the true power of human connection. Paul opens up about his time working in the Middle East as a peace keeper at a police training centre and how he navigated teaching skills and building trust amidst an environment of terror. Further, we dig deeper with some of our closest friends to find the answers to the question, "If you could relive one moment in your life exactly as it happened what would it be and why?". 

If you are as intrigued by Paul Nadeau's story as we are and want to learn more, you can find his new book Hostage to Myself on Amazon. For more great insights into his world, you can also find him on Twitter and Instagram @jpaulnadeau

Impostercast Team